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In Hong Kong, employers are required to provide a mandatory contribution towards the Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) for retirement savings. If you want to enrol a MPF
scheme that can create a secure financial future for your employees who will help drive your business forward with their specialist knowledge and their commitment to innovate,
you may seek an expert advice.

With the help of professional Investment Consultants from Sun Hung Kai Financial to help you manage your employees’ MPF accounts, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Sun Hung Kai Financial distributes MPF schemes of various MPF trustees having 70% of the market share, thereby providing a wide selection of different types of MPF
    schemes and their constituent funds
  • Our Investment Consultants will provide market updates prepared by MPF trustees, assisting your employees in setting investment objectives for retirement and keeping
    abreast of the market
  • Online service of MPF trustees, which allow monitoring of MPF accounts and fund switching in an easy and convenient manner so that your employees can grasp the latest status of their MPF accounts at any time

Please call our SME Business Solutions Representative at (852) 3920 2500 or to arrange any MPF scheme.

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